Our Practice

Brian J. Waldron, D.O., joined the practice of his mentor and colleague,W. Kenneth Riland, D.O. in 1986. In 1937, Dr. Riland started what was to become the oldest osteopathic practice in New York City.

Dr. Waldron continues the caring tradition of tending the needs of the whole person. Many patients are referrals from family members, who themselves had been in the practice over multiple generations. In this spirit, newcomers of all ages - from infants, teens, adults and seniors - are welcome in this osteopathic practice.

Our Physicians

Brian J Waldron, DO

Brian J. Waldron, DO

Dr. Waldron is an alumnus of Poly Prep CDS and Tufts University, receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Classics, Cum Laude, and successfully completing Tufts' Certification Program in Community Medicine and Health Delivery Systems. Although certain that he would pursue a medical degree, Dr. Waldron focused his undergraduate studies on the humanities to build a stronger foundation for understanding a diverse patient base. This path has significantly contributed to the extraordinary success in healing that Dr. Waldron’s patients have experienced over the years.

Dr. Waldron received his medical degree from New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine (formerly known as the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine) and is board certified in Family Practice. While a medical student, he contributed to research studies on: basophilic stippling in iron deficiency anemia and the role of streptococcus viridans in septic abortion. In addition, he studied the use of osteopathic techniques in an outpatient rehabilitation setting at the International Center of the Disabled in New York, New York, and osteopathic medical impact in the occupational medical clinic at the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Queens, New York.

During his academic studies, Dr. Waldron met W. Kenneth Riland, D.O., a former White House physician, chief physician of the US Steel Corporation, and co-founder of the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Waldron acknowledges their professional friendship: "Having Dr. Riland as my mentor inspired me to become an osteopathic physician; because of his generosity in teaching me, I am the doctor I am today." Dr. Waldron joined Dr. Riland in 1986 in his Wall Street practice and has remained a constant in Manhattan’s financial district ever since.

Dr. Waldron's practice philosophy is rooted in the loamy ground laid by the profession's founders: Treat the body as a whole; recognize the inter-relationships of the anatomy as well as those of the patient's psyche, family, social and work circles. In treating his patients, he not only does hands-on work on the chief complaint, but also treats all related contributing areas.

Dr. Waldron is the former chairman of the board of the Foundation for Research of the New York Academy of Osteopathy, which is an organization charged with advancing the practice of applied osteopathic manipulative treatment within the medical profession. He served as the vice chairman of the Board of Governors of the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine of NYIT, and is presently on the Board of Advisors of the New York Institute of Technology College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Personally, Dr. Waldron is a proud father. He enjoys working with his congregation's youth groups. His appreciation of fine art, music, film, theater, literature, as well as his interest in world news and policy afford him the ability to speak to, and understand people in their wide spectrum of experiences and stages of life. His professional and personal writing are as varied as his patient base, ranging from scientific articles and medical essays to published poetry.


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John H. Juhl DO

John H. Juhl, DO

Dr. Juhl is Board Certified in Family Practice and Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine, with an added Certificate of Competency from the Cranial Academy. He received his degree in osteopathy from UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine, achieving honors in anatomy, biochemistry and behavioral science after graduating Summa Cum Laude in Chemistry from Hunter College in New York.

Dr. Juhl is a member of the American Osteopathic Association, The Cranial Academy, the American Academy of Osteopathy, Physicians for a National Health Care Plan, and Morningside Monthly Quaker Meeting.

He has presented numerous lectures and papers throughout the country on osteopathy and spinal dynamics, osteoporosis, the impact of Helicobacter pylori on postmenopausal women, and Vitamin D deficiency states. He has appeared as a guest on numerous broadcast, cable and radio shows, and served as editorial consultant/peer reviewer for the Federal Government’s Clinical Practice Guidelines on Low Back Pain, published in 1994.

Dr. Juhl’s earlier background as a liberal arts major, with emphasis on literature, philosophy and the performing arts, and his eight year career as a modern dancer were worlds apart from the study of medicine. Yet, he has managed to integrate those aspects into an ideology encompassing the whole person in body, mind and spirit. Dr. Juhl’s dietary, nutritional, mental and physical exercise approaches provide a full complement to the practice’s broad range of osteopathic techniques. Currently, Dr. Juhl offers efficacious, nonpharmacological treatments for chronic fatigue using the Perrin technique, andropause, menopause, osteoporosis and hardening of the arteries as well as ‘Plans for your Second Half Century’.